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iTouch Solutions


Here at iTouch Systems, we specialise in cutting edge CCTV inspection and reporting solutions.


The iTouch One allows its operator to inspect, record, and produce full CCTV inspection reports, all in one go from the side of the manhole. It’s small enough to sit on top of a push rod camera, and fully portable thanks to its built-in battery pack. Despite its full featured and powerful reporting system, its well thought out, touchscreen controlled interface, means that it’s also extremely easy to use.

Our iTouch Live network creates a digital link between the office and each of its operators, allowing work to flow seamlessly in both directions, irrespective of distance. Job details, job packs, drawings and documents can all be sent electronically to the operator whilst he is out in the field. Similarly, the data collected during each CCTV investigation is streamed directly from site back to the office, including the video.

The back-office iTouch Live suite offers our customers live fleet visibility, storage and management of 7 years of work, a built-in editing suite, and the ability to instantly deliver work to their customers. iTouch Live can be run on as many desks and in as many locations as required, so there is no additional investment needed back-office. As it also works on tablets and smart phones, our customers remain productive, even whilst on the move.